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Andara Puchino

LYNDEN — There may be as many diets as there are letters in the alphabet.

The thing about diet, according to Forge Fitness owner Jeannie Davidson, is that most people underestimate what they are eating and overestimate their activity.

“Some maxims you might hear from personal trainers are ‘You can’t outwork poor nutrition,’ or ‘abs are made in the kitchen,’” Davidson said recently. “Some trainers figure 80-90% of your health success is nutrition.”

Although losing weight and staying fit aren’t just about what you eat, Davidson said that there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness.

“We offer a free 30-minute orientation to get you started, and we also have personal trainers available who will create a plan for you based on your goals, current fitness level, schedule and likes/dislikes,” Davidson said.

Davidson explained that it’s good to start by just building habits. Good habits.

“You don’t need to go zero-to-60 in one week,” she said. “That’s why many people fail. They try to take on too much at once.”

There’s plenty to know about working out. But Davidson breaks it down into cardio and strength training.

“The quick answer is that cardio targets heart and lungs, while strength targets muscles and bones,” Davidson said. “Exercise is probably the most underutilized medication available to us.”

According to Christie Duque, Forge Fitness offers flexible plans that meet the varied needs of its clients. 

“We know that life is always changing, so we do not require contracts, and we make it easy for you to update or change your membership,” said Duque, Forge’s gym manager. “Our instructors are very experienced and love what they do.”

Forge’s pool manager, Leanne Holleman grew up in the swim community and has been active in swimming, pool management and coaching all of her adult life. Davidson said that Holleman “brings great energy and enthusiasm” to Forge’s aquatics program as well as some fresh ideas.

“She also does all the aquatics scheduling and is in charge of keeping our pool functioning as it should,” Davidson said.

Holleman explained that Forge’s aquatics instructors can work with all skill levels, and all ages, to “increase comfort in the water and swimming skills.”

“For example, one small group lesson participant would not get in. After talking with the mother, we decided to move her to a (private) lesson with a different instructor who had a different style of teaching,” Holleman said. “She went in right away. Our ability to work with students and adjust instruction styles is helping all ages and levels better themselves in the water.”

Forge Fitness is at 100 Drayton St., Lynden. Visit for more information.

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