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Our clinic provides a wide variety of services, including, but not limited to, each of the following disciplines:
Maintenance Care – routine cleanings and periodic examinations, (i.e., check-ups)
Non-Surgical Periodontics – removing long-standing tartar (calculus) from the roots of teeth via scaling and root planing (“deep cleaning”)
Oral Pathology – screening and follow-up of abnormal soft and hard tissue findings
Oral Surgery – removal of hopeless teeth
Endodontics – root canal therapy on infected teeth with a good restorative prognosis
Restorative Therapy – addressing decayed and/or broken teeth with fillings (direct restorations), or when appropriate with crowns (indirect restorations)
Fixed Prosthodontics – replacement of missing teeth with fixed bridges and/or implants – see separate paragraph below regarding implant caveats*
Removable Prosthodontics – replacement of missing teeth with partial and/or complete dentures

*Dental Implants

Just because a Veteran is eligible for comprehensive care, it does not guarantee authorization for all available services, and dental implants are a prime example of this fact.  Moreover, despite what the media and commercial advertisements may imply, dental implants are not a “cure-all” for every dental compromise:

  • They are not better than natural teeth.
  • They require just as much, (if not more), regular maintenance than natural teeth.  They require exquisite oral hygiene on the patient’s part along with routine dental maintenance visits.
  • They can fail just as natural teeth can be lost if not properly maintained.
  • They do not carry a guarantee of restorative success, either in the short-term or the long-term.  Factors contributing to the success or failure of implants include the patient’s general medical health, personal habits, and ability to perform effective oral hygiene.

No implant therapy is authorized without a Veteran’s case first being presented to our Implant Board.  All implant therapies are ultimately authorized or denied at the discretion of the Implant Board, and none will be placed or restored without the Board’s approval.  It is the duty of the Implant Board to objectively consider all potential risks and benefits of the proposed implant therapy before authorizing or denying treatment. 


There are some therapies not covered by comprehensive dental eligibility:

EstheticsAlthough many of our services may improve how your smile looks, no treatments are rendered for the sole purpose of restoring dental esthetics, (e.g., veneers.)

Orthodontics – Tooth straightening (braces) is not covered by VA policy.  If you decide to have orthodontic therapy at your own expense, our clinic can coordinate your other dental services in conjunction with your orthodontic therapy.

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